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Want to make sure those parts you just bought are being used to their full potential? Or just want a general tune up for optimal performance? At Madcoil Garage we offer Dyno tuning services for all types of vehicles. 

Madcoil Garage is the only shop on the East Coast the house the most powerful and accurate dynamomter. 


Dynocom 3500 Series DC POD

Dynocom’s PATENTED DC-POD is a revolutionary Portable On-Vehicle Dynamometer that is vastly different from standard chassis roller dynamometers providing the main benefit of utmost in portability in a small package. 

The DC-POD bolts up to the vehicles wheel hub and eliminates the frictional drag forces due to tire to roll contact area and downward restraining force variations due to differences in ratchet strap hook ups common with many conventional roller dynamometers. Dynocom’s DC-POD also differs from other competitor type units which typically use hydraulic brakes and pumps. 

Dynocom’s DC-POD is the next generation portable on vehicle dynamometer providing outstanding performance, leading edge features, and maximum flexibility. The DC-POD has redefined yesterday’s technology and has become the new technological standard in portable on vehicle dynamometers. 



  • Maximum Horsepower 900+ HP per pod (1800+ HP pair)
  • Max Torque Absorption 1700 ft lbs per pod (3500 ft lbs pair) 
  • Max RPM 3000 RPM Max Axle Load 4000 lbs per pod w/support pads 

TORQUE: 5000 ft lbs/POD 

INERTIA: 1200  

MAX SPEED: 240   


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