You’re going to hear horror stories about every company, but you usually never hear both sides. I’ve never been more then satisfied with Scott. He takes the time to explain, makes sure you get what you want, and just goes out of his way to help you in anyway shape or form. Very professional, very very good customer service. His shop is also beautiful, and so are his personal builds. Goes to show how professional he is. 

- Nick McMasters 



Took my car to Scott with one vision in mind on the way I wanted it to look and perform..... Well I think the car speaks for itself, nice clean work and all the time he put into the build to make it look amazing! 👍 Very reputable and highly recommended 

- Adam Bolduc


Couldn't be happier with the work Scott has done for me this season. Service is fantastic, always easy to reach and very accommodating. It is obvious he takes pride in his work and wants to see his customers smile. He does it right the first time and has a wealth of knowledge knows whats best. Going with his recommendations has my car working, sounding and feeling the best. If it weren't for his ideas my car wouldn't be nearly the car it is today. Last but not least, I have always been surprised with a bill lower than I had expected.  

- Matt Dick


Been there a couple times and never had any issues , would definitely recommend and will definitely go back for whatever else I need done with my car.

- Tyler Rodgers


 Best customer service hands down. 

- Josh Dempsey


Amazing builds matched with even better customer service. Cant ask for more than that.

- Matt Spence



MadCoilBuilt is one of the best honda builders in the maritime. Easy to deal with and lot of knowledge. A+++

- Donel Zalun


Been to madcoilbuilt few dozen times, always have great customer service and awesome prices on performance parts! Best performance shop around!!

- Andrew Verissimo



Met Scott Leslie at a car show...We talked Honda's of course haha, he had a good lineup of his builds. You could tell he was very talented and passionate about cars and his business.

During the same year, I decided to go visit his shop in Nova Scotia (I'm from New Brunswick) and had him and Dardan team up and tune my car. The car made good power and was extremely smooth with 0 issues. The difference was night and day.

I really enjoyed my experience with Madcoil, I'll be visiting again in the near future. I can say, I'm a satisfied customer and when it comes to customer service, it means everything...

- Martin LeBlanc




- Jeff Doucette


Very friendly and knowledgeable. No surprise costs!

- Rob Walsh